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10 Tips For Planning While Hiring A Campervan Trip In New Zealand

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A Campervan Trip

Going on a campervan trip is a lot of fun especially when you have a company of friends with you. But if you have never gone on such a trip before then you are going to need some information and tips about it so you can have the best time ever.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 tips for planning when hiring a campervan for a trip to New Zealand.

 1. Advance Booking

Whenever you are about to rent a small campervan for going on a trip with your friends and family then you must make a booking. It is an essential tip to keep in mind because you do not want to have any last-minute problems whenever you have to go on your trip. If you book the small campervan in advance then you will be sure about its availability when you have to head out on your dream trip.

 2. Get The Apps

There is an application called Camper mate that you can download on your smartphone before you head out on your campervan trip. You are going to get all the information that you need by using this application about the cost and camping spots where you can hang out during your vacation. This application is also going to give you information about the local grocery stores and gas stations where you can stop on the way.

 3.  Maps

Getting a map application is important but most people end up getting the online versions. The important tip for you before going on a campervan trip is to get the Offline Map application because you never know when you are not going to have access to the internet during your vacation.

 4. Route

The next important it is to know the places where you have to go. It is important to have a specific route in your mind so that you know which are the spots where you will be stopping and where you have to go in the end. You can have as many stops along the way as you want because it is your trip after all.

 5. Inside The Campervan

You need to know the things that are inside the Camper Van already and what are the things that you need to include additionally. When you will make a list then you will be able to equip your campervan so that it is completely ready when you have to go on your trip.

 6. Cost

It is crucial to have a cost and budget in your mind before going on a trip.

 7. Driving Cautions

Make sure that you lock the fridge in your campervan when you are driving it.

 8. Parking

To resolve the parking issues you can check out the freedom camping website for a better understanding of where to park your campervan at night in New Zealand.

 9. Money

You must have emergency cash inside the Camper Van because you never know when you are going to need it when you are on a trip!

10. Incest Spray

When you are going to be in a campervan in New Zealand then it is important to have an insect and bug spray to save you from bug bites along the way!

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