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Clazzio seat cover benefits for Prius cars

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If you wish to give your favorite Prius car a fascinating interior transformation with the least of investment, Clazzio Seat Covers can do the magic for you.

If you feel uncomfortable with the stained seats of your car but still do not want to discard the original seats, Clazzio has the solution for you.

The easy fit over the old covers offers great convenience in the installation of these covers. And guess what, this is just a tiny bit of what wonders these covers can do to your Prius.

So, let’s go ahead and find out many more benefits Clazzio seat covers for Toyota Prius have to offer.


Air Bag Compatible

The Clazzio covers are designed smartly as they allow inflation of the side impact Airbags attached to the seats of your Prius.

Moreover, this smart design, not at all compromises with the tight packing and stability of your covers while keeping in mind your safety as a priority.


User-friendly Installation

These covers have a super-easy and smooth installation process. You neither have to take the old worn-out covers of your seat, nor do you need to remove the seat. Also, installing these covers do not require any special tools or professional help while installation.


Dirt & Stains-free

Stains and Dirt are a big headache with many car seat covers. But with Clazzio, you feel much confident during your long outdoor travels.

Thanks to the Anti-Bacterial, dust resistant leather which very efficiently resists the unwanted dirt particles that might cause bad odors and infections.

In addition, these specially manufactured covers do not absorb stains and liquids and thus, can easily be cleaned in a single stroke.


Perfect Fit

With a tight and smart fit, the Clazzio covers offer great comfort for you while sitting on your car seats.
Moreover, the cushiony texture of these covers provides great convenience, especially during long trips. Besides, it offers more safety. The thick memory foam-back further adds on to the convenience.


Elegant Looks

These eye-catching covers, with unique colors and patterns, give a completely alluring avatar to your car’s interior. The shiny & glossy leather material gives it an elegant touch.

In addition, you can customize the color, pattern, material and even the stitching of your covers to give them your desired look.


Top Quality Material

The Clazzio seat cover can basically be divided into two parts Outer Panel (Insert) and the Central Part (Body). These two panels may have different materials or texture if required.

The Outer Panel consists of 100% PVC Vinyl, whereas the Central Panel comprises pure Genuine Cow Leather.

Though the Outer panel material cannot be changed, you can customize the constitution of the Central Panel at your convenience. You can choose from different materials including genuine cow leather, suede fabric, PVC vinyl, and quilted PVC vinyl, etc.

Customization may, however, postpone the Shipping date of your covers.


Easy Maintenance

The Maintenance requirements of the Clazzio covers are much lower than its other competitors. These covers, with their convenient designs, are very easily removable. You can reinstall them too very quickly.

Washing these covers is an effortless task. You can wash them by hand or even by machine. The dust and dirt-free material do not demand frequent washing. A little careful usage may further extend this duration.



With its remarkable qualities and features that benefit you for long, the Clazzio seat cover is a perfectly suitable match for your Toyota Prius. It is a top-quality, good looking and customizable product that do let you bother much over its maintenance and upkeep.

Overall, the Clazzio covers would add on to the Class of your Prius to a large extent.


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