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How Often Should You Polish Your Car?

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A car is a valuable item. We must take good care of it to keep it in good condition. We all want our car to look shiny and flawless. But it is not possible as there is lots of pollution on the road. Every time you bring your car home, you will see that it is slowing losing its shine. So, you need to wash and polish your car to get back the shine. But how often should you polish your car? That’s something we are going to discuss here.

Polish your car

Why do you need to polish your car?

Car polish can remove the dirt, scratches, and other things that hurt the look of your car. Car polish can be in the form of sprays or creams that can get back the shine on your car. Here are the main reasons why you need to polish your car.

•    Car washing cannot remove all the dirt from your car. Polishing can make your car look shinier.

•    By polishing you can get rid of the scratches due to rings, keys or fingernails, especially around the door handles area.

•    Car polishing can bring back the shine on your faded and dull paint.

So, polishing your car is not only necessary to remove that heavy dirt and other things that stick to your car, but also to remove the unwanted scratches. Polishing can also restore your dull paint and make your car look shiny.

How often should you polish your car?

Before polishing your car, you should first wash your car properly using a car washing brush. You should remove dirt, dust, etc. before polishing. It is recommended to use microfiber towels to dry your car after washing as they will absorb most of the moisture. Here are some tips on washing cars:

•    If you live in an area where your car has more chance of coming into contact with birds, bugs, harsh weather or difficult road conditions, then you will need to wash your car once a week.

•    If your car runs on a good road and is parked in an environment where there is no risk of birds or bugs coming into contact with the car, then washing the car once a month should be sufficient.

When you polish your car, it removes the small damages on the top coat of your car. It includes bird poop, road gunk, dirt, scratches, etc. that build up slowly. By polishing the car, you can get back the shiny look. The number of times a year you need to polish your car depends on the following factors. As a rule of thumb, you should polish your car once every three months. But you should also consider some factors to decide how often you should polish your car.

Car usage

If your car is used frequently and runs on rough roads or during harsh weather, then you need to polish your car more often. Otherwise, your car will lose it’s shine permanently.

Type of polish

If you use a good quality polish, you won’t need to polish your car very often.  If you use poor quality polish, your car won’t maintain the shine for a long time. So, you will need to polish your car again.

Vehicle age

If your car is old, you may need to polish it more often. But if you have recently bought the car, then polishing twice a year will be sufficient.

You shouldn’t polish your car too much; else you will be causing damage to the car. By using fine car polishes, you can maintain the gloss. So, you should wash your car weakly and deep clean your car twice a year. Polishing should be done 3 to 4 times a year. These simple steps can help to keep your car shiny and beautiful.

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