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How Long Does A Mobile Detail Take?

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Believe it or not, car detailing can make you scratch your head at the difference in time frames. What matters is what you need to be done and what you need to be done. In-car detailing, many understand that you should check every box and ensure that you have the best work being done. Having a plan is a good idea, but choosing a company that knows what to do and how to offer you the best service is the best step.

The Basics

A basic detailing, no muss, no fuss, will take around four hours. When you consider how long a mobile detailing will take, you should know that if they tell you a detailing will only take four hours, they will only be decontaminating, polishing, and prepping your car. Those are the only options. However, an essential treatment is needed to prep your vehicle for the more severe detailing.

The Full Experience

Now getting the whole experience will take longer. The reason being, the entire experience includes services like these:

  • Painting
  • Engine
  • Interior
  • Detailing
  • Wheels
  • Undercarriage

Having a professional is the way to go when detailing your car. Dealerships don’t always have the skill and knowledge to perform these tasks at the level that you need. They can miss spots, leave streaks, and other issues that are costly and time-consuming to fix. Instead of going through the hassle, choose a good company to help you.

Depending on what you need to be done, your car could take up to three or four days. Keep in mind that there are factors that can add to this time. Examples include these.

  • The size of your car
  • How dirty your car is
  • The materials that make up the inside and outside of your car
  • The gunk that has accumulated inside crevices
  • The age of your car

The interior alone usually takes a day to complete by itself. The critical thing to consider is that you are going to get what you paid for.

Take The Time

You may want your car back sooner, but think about how beneficial it will be to have patience. If you wait, you will have a vehicle that is like new, handles and drives like a dream and looks fantastic. If you can’t wait, you might get a car that is worse for the wear. Choose the best and take the time to get the best car possible.


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