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Arrma talion 6s blx truggy 1/8 4wd rtr review: Best truggy ever!

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talion 6s blx truggy review

The most awesome truggy is here, yeah! The talion 6s blx truggy with thrilling updates and goosebumping techs. Giving you a lot of features in a very less amount making the best deal available in the market. The new Arrma talion 6s blx 2018 comes with a lot of new updates and featues from the previous models of the same. The last talion was an awesome bash truggy let’s see how this new version of 6s blx is , is it better than the older version? This is the new 2018 Arrma talion 6s blx truggy review, telling you everything about the new version of truggy.

Arrma talion 2018 version

Arrma talion has introduced the new version of talion 6s blx 2018 which is a 1/8 scale 4WD rtr rc truggy with new and improved body, lower wing mount , lower towers, new wheels, sharp look and much more. The talion is a 4WD off road speed truggy powered by a brushless motor reaching the high speed of 70+mph or 112+km/h with alight weight of 4 kg. The copmany provides a 2 year warranty for the arrma talion truggy. The 6s blx is a waterproof rc truggy which means you can bash in wet off roads also without any worry.

The things included with arrma talion 6s blx truggy are 20 tooth pinion, cross wrenches and hex wrenches, and 20 speed pinions 2X AMASSXGT90 Female connectors and AMAXXT90 loop connector. The requirements for 6s blx are a battrey 4S or 6S lipo with dimensional specified with a continous discharge rate of 3500mAh.

Arrma talion 6s blx truggy

Arrma talion upgrades contents

The difference b/w the new and old version of talion is very huge.

The controlling of truggy has made even better in the new version as compared to the old version, the wide sweeper structure of the new version helps it to bash even better gthan the old one. The truck was originally made to ride off-road but the latest changes helped it to ride even better on on- road tracks. The new tyres were a little hard rubber than the old version, expanding a bit more at high speed giving very good grip in grass or loamy soil. The new version of talion is tougher than the old one with metal body which increases its strength. The weight distribution f new version of talion provides stability at high speeds.

The difference of speed b/w the new and old version is also noticable the old version can only reach to 65-70 mph but the new version can cross the mark of 70+mph. The secure battery mount system of new version is also made a liitle tighter than older version to provide secure fit to the batteries. The battries are held away from the rotating parts of the motor with a rubber strap. The front upper brace of battery even adjusts itself to height of battery packs. It even has an extra pinion and droop adjustment screw in each arm, making it better than ever before.


Arrma talion vs typhon

Talion vs typhon

Both the trucks are manufactured by ARRMA and both are a quality product and the new versions of both the trucks are launched. When tested that which truck has better torque and speed the reasult came out to be the new 2018 talion is faster than 2018 typhon. The test was conducted thrice and every time new talion was able to beat new typhon because of its wide sweeper structure and better upgrades. It takes a lot of focus to keep it going which makes it twitchy and the level of nimbleness of typhon is too high.


Arrma talion vs e-revo

Talion vs e-revo

Arrma talion always wins over traxxas e-revo as the contolling of talion is so much better than that of e-revo that one could tell the difference in 1 bash only. Talion is more steady and fast than e-revo and is cheaper than e-revo being the perfectly comfortable on tracks and off roads than e-revo. The difference b/w price of e-revo and talion is a lot as compared to their ablities talion wins. Though e-rovo runs on high speeds but loses control at corner o the tracks. It is also available in electric variant like talion. It is 1/10 scale rc truggy powered by MXL-6S brushless motor. Talion is a 1/8 scale truggy powered by BLX 2050KV brushless motor.


Arrma talion vs kraton

Talion vs kraton

Kraton another truggy from arrma is a also a quality product, but on tracks with stock tires it is like a lumbering pig. It is too wide to run on tracks in a roar tuggy class, whereas talion on the otherhand is more faster and has a better performance on track than kraton. In bashing kraton has a little better performsnce than talion because of its wide structure and high ground clearance than talion. Kraton 12t pin gears, tactic TTX300 2.4GHz2-channel radio, waterproof steering servo and receiver box. Kraton has basically better peformance off road and a little more tougher but lags in tracks, and talion is great on off roads as well as on tracks. Kraton is powered by BLX185 2050KV brushless motor and talion is powered by BLX 2050KV brushless motor


Arrma talion 6s blx truggy review conclusion

Arrama talion 6s blx truggy is one of the best available rc rtr high speed truggy, which can perform good on on-road tracks as well as off-road tracks. It has high power motor which can go on high speed such as 70+mph and waterproof circits for unlimited fun in wet tracks or mud. The chassis of new model provides the structure for high speed with stability and a lot of room for spinning wrenches.

TALION 6S BLX can waterproof

For bashing new talion is the most toughest truck of Arrma, the suspensions of talion 2018 is heavier as compared to old models making handling even better and the base geometry and chassis is top class. It is a champion in grass also, the power system providing sufficient power to blast the truck and kartar tyres giving extraordinary traction, and this does not mean that talion is good on grass so it will suck on pavements, no sir it is a rocket on pavements.

talion 6s blx truggy review

Jumping is a major part of bashing and talion 2018 is well-qualified in jumping off road, this machine does not jump only straight but can also do wonders in the middle of jump in the air only, it ia a great chioce if you want to buy a stellar jump machine. The new parts of 2018 talion are harder as well as tougher than the old models making it more rough for bashing.

The radio tactic TTX300 is very good with controlling the truggy. The large size of 2018n talion helps it to cross any bump or rain rut with ease the suspension helps the truggy to keep low when it is on high speed on rough terrains. The age required to drive the rc talion 6s blx trucks is at least 14. The revies of talion 6s blx truggy 1/8 4wd trt review provides you all the necessary infom about the truck.

talion 6s blx truggy 1/8 4wd rtr review


Arrma talion 6s blx truggy for sale

If you are in a hunt of an on-road off-road truggy I recommend ARRAMA talion 6s blx the best truggy available with a reasonable price and very high quality and features that you are not gonna get even in an expensive truggy and a warranty of 2 years from the company.

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This was the review of Arrma talion 6s blx truggy review. If you have any question of any thing, please leave your message on here. Thank you.

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