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Best RC Car Brands: Listed best quality rc hobby electric car

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The Radio Control Cars industry has been one remarkable field. One redefined by innovation, devotion, creativity, technological revolution and re- invented fun, the best RC car brands have dedicated relentless efforts to maintain their demanding market share. Companies have risen up as the best RC car brands but we have witnessed some of them succumb to the redefined competition.

Only those who can attest that the key to survival is fighting against all odds have managed to stand the tough test of time.

We will review some of the industry leaders among the RC Car brands. Those who have taken over the market by storm since time immemorial and have maintained their top notch performance as leaders of best quality RC Car brands to date.

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What factors should consider for choosing the best rc car brands?

Our choice of the best brand will be based on a couple of factors. Some of them include;

  • The innovations of different brands
  • The quality of RC cars produced
  • The ease of use based on skill levels of different users
  • Prices of RC cars
  • Technology and designs of RC car brands

The beautiful thing about the best RC Car brands is that the stiff competition for the biggest market share led to production of the best quality RC car brands, remarkable innovation, quality customer support service and easier consumer accessories access.

All said let us spring into action, I will guide you through the industry giants. As a beginner interested in RC cars or a pro in the same what other better way to shop for the best other than from the best!


Traxxas Logo


Traxxas: By far one of the most popular and producer of the best RC car brands, not mentioning it is the leading RC car seller in the world, the game changer, innovator, records holder and RTRs pioneer. The big name in Radio Control is known for a wide collection of RC vehicles incorporating; marine RC gadgets, flight models, on road and off road car series.

Think of all these titles as an exaggeration? Let take a walk down memory lane and visit the rich history of “the fastest name in radio control” as they like to be referred.

Celebrating three decades of innovation and service to the RC lovers, Traxxas was established in 1986 with a higher objective that was to develop hobby level Ready to Run RC cars. They are the esteemed pioneers of RTRs. Having been established on grounds of creativity and innovation, the all time performer in the best RC car brands list did not shy from rising to the occasion.

They took over the market by storm. Selling their first stadium trucks and buggy models all electric powered in 1987 and launching their first RTR nitro model in 1992, the super wheel of change of Traxxas was turning and turning and there was no standing in the Traxxas wheel of change. Much later on in 2012 the best quality RC car brands opened its wings further to develop their first aircraft models; DR-1 helicopter and QR-1 quad copter. Later in 2015, the greatest milestone for the RC global leader stormed the RC market, the remarkable X- Maxx arguably the largest monster truck. X- Maxx redefined Traxxas position in the RC brands map by acquiring the company a self righting technology.

This one is a great name in Radio Control offering the widest range of RC vehicles that will suit your needs as a user and lover of Radio control.  The glory of Traxxas seems endless you know like fairy, happily ever after tale! 

Below is an amazing product from one of the best RC Car.


Traxxas Rustler RTR with XL- 5 ESC

Traxxas Rustler RTR rc carThe astounding electric RC car model is one of the swiftest RTR trucks recording speeds of 35 mph. The rough terrain, all weather truck is powered by a Titan 12 turn 550 motor, it features; a Revo- spec Torque control slipper clutch, a training mode effective profile, a 3 gear transmission. It includes a 2.4 GHz radio system, a low profile servo, 4- amp 12 volt DC charger and 8.4V NiMH Traxxas power cell battery.

The rustler is convenient for you in that;

  1. It is trainer profile enabled to suit any users skill level
  2. It is a comfortable drive for longer durations
  3. Amazing speed and performance capabilities
  4. It is durable

Cons of the Rustler;

  1. Low performance battery
  2. Hard to replace broken parts

Other models of Traxxas include

Off Road Cars

  • Max trucks such as: T-Maxx classic, T- Maxx 3.3, E- Maxx, E- Maxx brushless edition and the legendary X- Maxx.
  • Revo trucks include: Revo 3.3, E- Revo, Slayer pro 4×4, E- revo brushless edition,.
  • Others include: 1/16slash trucks, stadium trucks, buggies and stampede trucks.

On Road Cars

Nitro 4- tech 3.3, funny car and the glorious XO-1 super car.

Traxxas brand is however not all roses, color and scent with no thorns.

Apart from the large variety base, pioneer RC innovations and super speed models, the RC car brands are pricey and thought to offer a significant skill difference gap.





Team Associated is giant leader in the RC industry, a company with a rich history of started from the bottom to become one of the best RC Car brands. Started as a side hustle in 1965 as a slot car track, later incorporated slot car parts and accessories before graduating to a full time business named Associated Electrics. It now ventured into manufacturing full line slot accessories, car parts and chassis.

The company has over the years risen to be tops of best RC Car brands list. Its operations are redefined by a wide range of RC cars, easily upgradable cars, great designs and durability. It is popular production of 1/18 scale to 1/8 scale nitro powered cars, the best electric RC Car brands, on road and off road models.

The company prides itself in taking care of all processes that range from innovation, production to packaging. Its inbuilt departments are a complete package.

Some of the latest Company’s RC cars include;

  • Off road cars- SC 10.3 JRT, ProSC 4×4, RC10SC5M, RC8T3, Limited Edition Nomad DB8 and Reflex 1:18 Buggy.
  • On Road RC cars- APEX Lexus RC F, RC12R6, RC10F6, TC4 and Apex 1:18 Touring

Let us look at one of Team Associated cars and see what it offers you


Team Associated RC10B4 RS RTR RC Car

Team Associated RTR RC CarIt is an astounding buggy with an amazing record of, five I.F.M.A.R championships and ten R.O.A.R National championships. What do you say? The record speaks for itself huh!

The best of the RC car is fitted with: XP metal gear steering servo, 2.4 GHz radio control system powered by a Reedy 3300 kV brushless motor, water resistant electronics. It allows for upgrades and customization.


  1. It is affordable
  2. Durable
  3. High performance
  4. Suitable for all skill level users


  1. Expensive upgrades

If you are getting into RC cars, I thought I should highlight you on some general pros of the Tem Associated pros and cons respectively;

  • Championship class performances for most of their RC cars
  • They demand affordable prices
  • Their RC products are easily upgradable

Cons of Team Associated Cars

  • They are not really adapted for all skill level users



LOSI logo


A simple name you are thinking, buddy you are up for big shock!

Team Losi is one of the highest reputation best quality RC Car Brands. They are not only the leaders in RC innovations but also a trustable RC Car brand. The company has concrete customer support framework something leaders in the best RC car brands list have failed to deliver.

Losi is professionals and world champion’s choice topping numerous world class competitions. In 2017 alone Team Losi boasts of winning; the 1/8 scale Truggy South American Championships smashing all top three positions, third position at the desert classic competition, truck modified and 4WD SCT at Chi- Town and the 30th annual CRCRC Midwest Electric Championships. 

That proof enough that the four lettered name is the biggest name of the biggest RC car brands?

You ready to analyze a super product of the Team Losi RC models?


Team Losi Brushless RTR AVC 2WD SC Truck 1/10 scale

Team Losi Brushless RTR AVC 2WD SC Truck
The award winning truck is a complete package of performance. It is powered by a super 3300kV motor and 7.4V 3000mAh Lipo batteries. Featuring a 2.4GHz receiver, an advanced 45A 2S LiPo ESC, an adjustable slipper clutch, water resistant electronics, high torque steering servo and an active vehicle control feature.

Team Losi RC Cars that map it among the best RC car brands include; 1/10 night crawler 2.0 4WD Rock Crawler RTR, 1/10 TEN-MT 4WD RTR with AVC, 1/10 Baja Rey 4WD desert truck and 1/10 Tenacity SCT 4WD monster trucks.

This is utter definition of RC Cars revolution! Be sure to add one of these trucks in your collection or relatively let it be your first. Start off at World Champions class!

Some of the general Pros of Team Losi RC car brands include;

  1. Established championship class products
  2. A concrete customer support system
  3. Well reasonable prices
  4. Upgrades and customizable features

The cons are not consistent across all products. Team Losi is my personal favorite offering reduced prices for improved quality.


hpi racing logo


HPI: A fascinating, multi- time top in Best RC Cars Brands list and re- known creative designs that replicate real full- size cars, the old British RC car brand is one of a kind.

Telling a tale of old turned to gold HPI, one of the best Hobby RC Car brands. Started off as a history checking company for cars in 1936, whose goal was to protect second hand car buyers The company however branched off in 1986 to produce car accessories for on road and off road vehicles. Ascertaining its position as one of the best RC car brands, HPI won the World Championship title in 1987. This marked major milestone as the company expanded its operation base to cut out its fare share of the RC Car market.

The prolific car brand apart from being a pro electric RC car brand, ventured into producing fuel powered RC cars. With much success, it yielded the Nitro RS4 and the monster series of the1/5 Baja trucks and buggy.

HPI, the best quality RC Car brands, has made a statement over the past years by winning world championship titles in on road and off road racing in 2006 and 2008 respectively. The industry leader bases its operations on fun, excitement and enthusiasm for RC cars.

An amazing product of HPI you will want to try out is;


HPI Racing Mustang Drift Monster Energy RC Car

HPI Racing Mustang Drift Monster Energy RC CarA super flashy Mustang modeled car, boasts of a bathtub type 2mm thick chassis, comes with; battery, charger, 2.4 GHz radio control and ESC.
Wheels designed to enhance grip and handling delivers drifting at its best. It well designed for beginners, allows for upgrades and is great value for your money.


  1. Suitable for users of all skill levels
  2. Easy to customize and upgrade


  1. It is not durable, parts break easily


Some of their latest kits include; Venture FJ Cruiser, RS4 Sport 3 Drift Vaughn, Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss, Jump shot ST, Savage XL Flux, HPI Racing 107014 Trophy 4.6 Truggy among other big names.

A general review of HPI RC Cars;


  • Wider variety of RC Cars
  • Suitability to various skill levels
  • Top level creativity, innovation and designs
  • Relatively durable products
  • Great after sale and support service


  • Significant quality gaps




RedCat racing appeals as an industry leader that abides by variety is the spice of life. The company produces all RC Cars ranging from; best hobby RC cars, best toy line cars, all scales ranges, electric RC car brands to gas powered models.

They base their operations on meeting consumer expectations of all customer bases. This has made the company stand tall among the best quality RC Cars. 

Below is taste of the quality Redcat offers you;


Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX TruckThe majestic 1/10 scale monster truck, subject it to the worst terrains and it will still rise to overcome. So what’s behind the Volcano’s performance?

A 27T brushed 540-electric motor, a 4WD shaft driven, a forward/ reverse ESC and a heat sink redefine the truck’s performance record. It is also fitted with oil filled aluminum caps, a plastic chassis and independent suspensions. The electronics are waterproof and the monster truck is controlled by a 2.4 GHz radio server.

So what does the package entail? Comes with; a user manual, radio server that requires 8 AA batteries, a charger and 7.2v 2000mAh NiMh batteries.

Other top ranked Red cat RC cars include the Redcat Racing lightning EPX drift car that has strategically mapped Redcat among the best car brands.

Some pros of Redcat RC Cars include;

  1. Suitable to all skill levels, from beginners to pros
  2. Convenient prices for all users
  3. Larger variety base
  4. Durability


  1. Products rank lower in terms of technology improvement



ARRMA Colour Logo


Arrma is one of those car brands that leave a lot to be desired, the latest models of the brand are super awesome. They will leave you demanding more of the best quality car brands products.

Arrma definitely delivers quality at very commendable prices, their RC Car base gives you variety and they cater for consumers who are beginners and intermediate in terms of skill level.

What has Arrma prepared for its loyalists this year?


Senton 6S BLX 4WD Super Duty Short Course

ARRMA SENTON 6S BLX 4WD Electric RC Super Duty Short Course TruckThe brushless beast of terrain is designed for short course tracks. The truck records speeds of up to 60 mph powered by super 6S BLX power, brushless 2050kV motor, a tactical TTX300 3- channel SLT radio with ADS – 15M gear servo, 3 gear differentials, suspension arms and drive shafts, tough roll cage and power, polycarbonate wings to enhance stability and side impact bumpers.

Pros of the Senton

  1. Durable due to the improved body features
  2. Enhanced stability at higher speeds
  3. Interference free control
  4. Powerful car model
  5. Water proof features
  6. Ease of use

I find no short comings of the Senton 6s! The above pros fit most of ARRMA’s products.

Other great RC cars of the best quality car brand include; ARRMA Raider XL mega 2WD buggy and Arrma Nero 6S BLX Brushless monster truck.

Arrma is generally the epitome of quality, durability, value and performance capabilities. It is a wise choice for starters in RC and intermediate skilled users .


Conclusion For RC Car Brands

Other big names among the best RC car brands list you should check out include; Axial racing who have released the super Axial racing AX90022 Honcho, Tamiya, Kyosho, Thunder Tiger, Duratra, Serpent and LRP.

Thanks to competition amongst the best RC Car brands, you can now make the best value for your dollar by going for the most suitable RC car model that meets your taste.

Knowledge is power! Now you know!

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