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Getting Into RC Cars: Choosing the best RC car for beginner

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RC cars have recently become the embodiment of creativity, fun and innovation for lovers of speed racing, car sporting and technology gadgets. The popularity of getting into RC cars is on the rise over the past few years with 30% of American showing interest in the newly found love.

Fascinating right?

Well, maybe but did you know that only 20% of these newly discovered lovers of radio controlled cars understand basics and important facts one should put into consideration before getting started with RC cars. This article will equip you with pro knowledge required as you set your mind to getting into RC trucks and cars.

Foremost, what are RC cars? RC Cars is a term for Radio Controlled cars. They are cars that are controlled remotely using transmitters and specialized remotes. RC cars are mostly battery and gas powered, some go over board to assume some basic features and shapes of real cars.

There are two major types of RC cars, the toy- grade and the hobby- grade. Toy grades are kind you find in local stores and malls. Their parts are irreplaceable. Hobby- grade RC cars have spare parts that you can acquire after the one in use breaks down, their pats are replaceable.

Get comfortable as we take a deeper insight on getting to RC cars!

We will review some facts on;

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By the end of this article you will have sufficient knowledge on RC racing cars just like a pro. Let us hit the road, down “RC Cars” lane. Shall we?


Categories Of RC Cars

RC cars come in multiple varieties, sizes, shapes and performance capabilities. The best part is there is a high likely of a radio control car for you most admired full size car. That’s not all! Thanks to necessity the mother of the all mighty invention, producers continue to develop quality RC cars and trucks specially designed for improved racing and performances. As you focus on getting into RC cars you might want to weigh options on which kind of vehicle excites you and the kind of experience you wish to gain. RC cars are designed on Realism and high performance scales. While there may be those that take neutral scales, others tend to lie on the extremes.

So what are these categories of RC cars?

On Road RC Cars

On Road RC Car
On Road RC Car

On road cars are quite popular, they are built and designed to operate on flattened, concrete, paved grounds. They exist in multiple varieties and may be broken down to two types depending on the activity streams they are involved in that is; smooth surface running and parking lot racing.

The former is designed especially for indoor tracks that include very smooth surfaces like paved outdoors and carpet tracks. Parking lot racing cars are slightly advanced to take over sedan or touring car racing. They can work appropriately on pavements and slightly rough roads better than typical on roads.

On road cars tend to have flashy appearances and shapes as they are designed following shapes of actual vehicles like the; formula one, touring cars, rally cars and semi trucks. They are perfect for you if you are a speed freak! Electric on road cars come in various sizes mostly; 1/12 and 1/10 scale, 1/10 and 1/8 for nitro on roads and 1/18 “micro” on roads among other ranges of size.


Off Road RC Cars

Off Road RC Cars
Off Road RC Cars

These are designed to take on all sorts of terrain. Are you a high performance and outdoor fan? Then this is for you. Talking of off road RC cars means talking of; buggies, rock crawlers, desert trucks, monster trucks, dune buggies, short course trucks, stadium trucks and truggies.

Basically, this is the best choice if you are getting started with RC cars. They will not limit you to terrain choice neither will they subject you to crazy speeds you cannot control.

They are 2WD and 4WD enabled depending on your choice, fitted with travel suspensions, open wheel designs and knobby tires to ensure effective ground clearance and enhanced grip on the track. Their sizes range from 1/10 to 1/4, with some larger versions being gas powered.


Ready To Run RC Cars

Ready To Run RC Cars
Ready To Run RC Cars

As the name suggests these category of RC cars is already assembled for you. It would be a good option if you are getting into RC trucks due to minimum complications. They reach to speeds of about 80 miles an hour which is generally a good pace. There are both nitro- fueled and electric powered varieties.

Regardless of the fact that all parts are assembled for you, you may encounter some challenges as a result of some parts getting damaged or you may have to entirely do away with your car.


Almost Ready To Run Cars

Almost Ready To Run Cars
Almost Ready To Run Cars

Commonly known as, the “Assemble it yourself” cars. They are customizable, you can assemble the parts on your own, they are ideal because you can acquire new spares for broken parts and you can modify some features to improve performance.

They are mostly used by professional RC drivers, you may also opt for the almost ready to run as a beginner as it helps you develop your understanding for how the different parts work and how to fix them.

You can challenge yourself better when getting into RC cars by acquiring one.


Toy Cars And Kits

Almost Ready To Run & Toy rc Cars

They are less sophisticated and simpler, their appearance may look flashy to impress. The can be remotely controlled but are mainly fashioned for play.


Types Of RC Cars

We will now review some common types of RC cars.

RC Trucks and Drift and Buggies
RC Trucks and Drift and Buggies

RC Trucks

These are super off road cars, high performing and fast on rough terrains. They include likes of monster and desert trucks. They are less fashioned for on road trucks and tend to spin out of control in high speed, sharp corners.

RC Buggies

They lay in between scales of speed and performance. They may fit as both off road and on road. The make up a rough terrain master due to the low wheelbase and are the second fastest on road models.

A perfect choice when getting started with RC cars!

RC Drift

A model of the on road RC cars that are designed to overcome turning and drifting challenges comfortably. They have improved wheels and tires to enhance grip on the track.

Best for speed and drift lovers.

RC Rock Crawlers and truggies
RC Rock Crawlers and truggies

RC Truggies

More like the buggies, they are both o road and off road. They are third swiftest on road models.

Another perfect model for both beginners and professionals!

RC Rock Crawlers

Off road RC cars that work best in rough and rocky terrains. They work best for rugged terrains.


Choosing the Appropriate RC Car

When getting started with RC cars you have to identify the most appropriate car that will suit your needs and expectations.

What are the factors that will guide you in identifying which type of RC car is right for you?

1. Electric or Nitro/ Gas Powered

RC cars are powered differently, either by an electric motor or an internal combustion engine. Electric motors depend on rechargeable batteries while combustion engines rely on nitro or gas.

I will take you through some advantages and cons of both power choices so you can familiarize yourself better.

Electric powered RC cars
Electric powered RC cars

1.1 Electric powered RC cars

They have the following advantages;

  • It is easy to use you simply have to plug and get down to business
  • Minimal repairs and mechanical aspects are required.
  • Repairs may only be cited when challenges pertaining to suspension related parts, chassis and diffusion
  • They have minimal noise distractions
  • They are relatively durable.


  • Frequent recharging of batteries is required
  • Repairs are quite expensive
  • They are expensive


Nitro/ gas powered RC cars
Nitro/ gas powered RC cars

1.2 Nitro/ gas powered RC cars

Comparing to qualities of nitro/ gas powered cars that include;


  • The driving experience is relatively fascinating and fun
  • They may be quite cheaper


  • Cost of nitro is quite high
  • They aren’t fully reliable
  • Their maintenance is quite imminent and is required regularly
  • Some of its set ups are complicated

From the above, electric powered RC cars stand out for you as a beginner due to the ease of use but as a professional you may spread your wings and explore the other option.


2. Purpose of the RC car

When choosing an ideal car it is important that you identify what is the purpose of the RC car you want to acquire. Is it for fun or for professional racing purposes? Fun and play cars may not require much sophistication as compared to professional racing cars. Other factors such as the model and price of a car will depend on the intended purpose you have.

Before you set your mind on getting into RC cars, do some soul searching on whatever you want. Rather, you can conduct some enquiries and find out what excites you.

Both are great products weigh you like and interests. Come up with what serves you right!

2.1 Appropriate Scales

RC cars come in scales meaning that the scale of a Radio controlled car is it’s size when compared to a full size car. The most common scales include 1/10 other scales vary from larger 1/4 all the way to 1/64.

When getting started with RC cars it is advisable to start with an optimum 1/10 scale that will not limit you to space, carrying it around and such hustles.

2.2 Replacement and Spares

Break downs and failures are common in machines, do not let be a reason to weigh you down on your newly explored adventure. Before settling on a certain RC car enquire from the local stores if they have replacements for your gadget. It’s easier replacing a $10 dollar piece than a $100 RC car. Set your priorities right mate.


Do it yourself or RTD?

I find it necessary to shed some light on the DIY or the RTD choice. As I mentioned earlier citing various reasons such as easier handling, getting started and avoiding some hustles. When you are getting into RC cars as a beginner consider starting off with the RTDs. Just unwrap it from the box, charge the batteries, swipe them and hurray!

Below are some amazing Radio control cars for beginners you could check out;


Getting into rc cars highly recommended

Traxxas 1/10 Scale 2WD Off-Road BuggyThis RC Car is the utter definition of an advanced modern off road buggy. The Bandit offers a whole new experience for RC cars lovers. It features a high current XL-5 electronic speed control, 2.4GHz radio system, metal gears and slipper clutch both HD. To enhance its performance, the buggy is waterproof boasting of a super Titan 12- turn motor that guarantees performance in any kind of weather and the roughest tracks it is subjected to.

Traxxas Bandit also features; oil filled ultra shocks, optional pinion gears, brushless magnum 272 transmission and a Traxxas ID battery and a DC charger.

Pros of the Bandit

  1. It is an all weather drive
  2. It provides amazing super speeds of up to 35mph and an impressive acceleration
  3. Has durable seven cell ID technology batteries and an efficient charger
  4. It has a beautiful flashy shape to enhance its performance features
  5. It is well fashioned and designed for beginners


  • It is poor in climbing due to a low bumper
  • It heats up so much after action
The bandit is a quality RC Car offering speed and performance at its best. A great try out for any beginner.


Crenova 1 24 Scale RC Car 4WD 30MPH RTR

The 1/24 electric, 4WD Buggy is a smaller monster that whatever off road terrains you subject it to, designed for rock piles, mud and brushy terrains its capabilities will blow your mind. Boasting of maximum super speeds of 30 mph, four- wheel independent suspension system, three- stage differential gears, shock proof design, longer drive durations of up to 25 minutes per battery and an incredible 50 meter control distance.

Among its pros include;

  1. Easy control in high speeds, super crawling and climbing performance over inclines and rocks.
  2. Longer batteries duration up to 25 minutes for each battery.
  3. Effective shock absorbers and shock proof systems
  4. Enhanced stability in rough tracks

The cons are minimal compared to other models of the same class they include;

  1. Drifting properties are quite low especially on top speed
  2. Spare parts may prove a hustle to acquire


Dromida 1/18 Scale RTR Remote Control RC Car

The top class buggy is a warrior of all terrains and weathers ranging from rain, mud, snow, rocky terrain to steep slopes. It will fascinate you that the Dromida’s 2.4 GHz radio can be tailored to match your skill level. Let not your beginner level be a pain in your ass!

Pros of the warrior Buggy;

  1. Well designed shock absorbers
  2. Friendly user control system
  3. It is waterproof and well designed to perform in all weathers and terrains.
  4. Higher stability during higher speeds

Some cons of the product include

  1. The body is not as strong
  2. You need to replace the batteries after a few months to enjoy longer time durations

It’s a good RC car for you getting started with RC cars. Especially because of the enhanced control system meant to walk every step of the way with you.


Koowheel RC 1:16 scale jeep buggy rock crawler

It is an amazing off road RC racing car with enhanced performance capabilities and durability. The size of the Koowheel should not be compared to its abilities. It is very stable and easy to handle. It can operate in both on and off roads.

The RC buggy car has fascinating speeds of up to 15 km/h and a control distance of 50 meters. It is one of those gadgets that will convince you towards getting into RC trucks.


Syma X9 RC Drone Car

This is a quality quad copter drone with an RC car. Some like to call it fly and drive. It is an advanced gadget operational both indoors and outdoors. The design is simple to facilitate simple assembly. Fitted with LED lights and signal light, 2.4GHz remote control, a four channel function, low battery alarm from transmitter and double 600 mAh batteries.

The “Fly and drive” comes with four extra blades, a USB charger, a 2.4 Ghz remote control.

Pros of the Syma X9

  1. Has enhanced stability for beginners enabled by two flight mode systems.
  2. Well designed to ensure maximum air resistance.
  3. Appropriate positioning and ability features enabled by a six axis gyroscope.
  4. Easy transition from flying to driving mode.
  5. Has improved battery performance

Cons of the Syma X9

  1. The blades may easily break if not well maintained
  2. May require more improved skill or keenness for beginners



Remote control cars are desirable gadgets, Getting into RC cars is a thrilling experience it comes with interesting adventures equips you with necessary mechanical knowledge. It is one of those things you can do as a pass time in a company or alone and get a feeling of accomplishment. What are you waiting for?

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