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How To Choose A RC Car: What rc car should I buy?

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How To Choose A RC Car

We have a vast variety of remote control cars to choose from. You will find people around the world that will not feel the same trill or passion for the model cars or planes, like they do for r/c cars. If you are one of those, don’t hesitate and try some adventure in high-speed. You won’t regret it. You will have so much fun, you’ll ask yourself, why you waited so long to try out these cars.

These cars been in the market for a while now. The original remote control car we huge and had a cord that would connect to the control. Years later they created the wireless cars, still they didn’t look or perform like the ones we have today. Today more adults are interested to enjoy the fast r/c cars. Today I will tell you how to choose a rc car.

What RC car should I buy?

When putting together your remote control cars, you will think that they were model kits, but they actually work. The final result was a working car. You had the option of choosing the color, make and mode when you bought your kit. You had so many options and features on these cars.

Features such as very advanced braking systems, treated tires, the details on the exterior of the cars and of course the advantage of the advent of shocks, all these put together make these cars very appealing. The next step is to determine what is the fuel system you will like for remote control cars.

Battery powered cars, are the most popular ones. The batteries are rechargeable which means you will save lots of money, because you won’t have to spend much replacing the powers source. Some batteries can give you more than 70 miles on one charge.
Nitro cars uses a fuel blend to power the motor, and they can be more powerful. You need to take in to consideration when purchasing this type of remote control car.

There is a huge selection of RC cars. You get to decide which one is best suited for you. Make a list of all the things you are looking for on your cars, and that will make your search a lot easier. With that in mind I’m sure that you’ll find the perfect model for you to enjoy with your entire family and friends.


Whould should be considered when choosing a rc car

Whould should be considered when choosing a rc car?

When you are looking for a fun and challenging hobby, what about getting involved with remote control cars? There are lots of varieties and models out there for you to choose from and lots of fun to be had, but before you get tarted, there are a few things that will help you choose what car you should buy and what you style is going to be. To make sure that you get the most out of your vehicle, keep a few things in mind.

 What you want to do with remote control car 

Are you going to be looking for a vehicle that can achieve great speeds, or are you looking to go off road with your remote control car? The kind of car you get hinges a lot on what you want to do with it. If you are going to be putting your car through the paces of a grand prix racer then the bulky off road vehicles are not for you. The same can be said for putting race cars on to rocky cliffs and dirt roads Make sure you know what you want to do with your remote control car before you make your purchase.

 Range you need 

Also think about what your needs are going to be when it comes to range. For instance, if you are only going to be following after your car as you take it off road, your range is going to be fairly narrow, but if you are going to be racing on a track, where you are going to be in a stationary position for the whole event, you’ll find that more range is going to be required. Consider what you needs are and buy accordingly.

 RC car technology 

Technology has developed a great deal over the years, and that includes the technology behind remote control cars. Today there are cars that can act as motor boats, climb steep cliffs, and even transform from one vehicle into another. The variety makes for some tough decisions but be sure you are not getting too much car, or too little, for your needs. That remote control car that can transform into a robot may be exciting and different, but if you will never have a use for a function like that then you may want to leave that particular car for someone else to buy.

 RC car battery 

Some remote control cars run on their own rechargeable battery power and others require separate batteries purchased from a third party source. It is sometimes beneficial to have a remote control car that you can charge from a wall outlet, or a power outlet in your regular car or truck, and then get it back on the road again. However, some people prefer to exchange batteries when the old ones are depleted. Decide what your preference is prior to purchasing your remote control car.

 Price and quality 

The manufactures of remote control cars try to make the best product possible but not every car can be everything to everyone. If you plan on really putting your remote control car through some difficult courses and challenges, then it would be in your best interest to invest extra money in a more durable remote control car. At the same time, you may be looking for remote control cars that a bit more disposable than the expensive ones so you need to make your purchase based on your quality needs.

 Your Time 

Do you need to be able to see your remote control car in the dark? Many people neglect to take the time of day into account, but if you know in advance that you will be doing a lot of remote control car driving at night then be certain to get yourself a car that is properly equipped for that time of day.

When you are looking for a hobby that will allow you to have some real fun.Just figure oiut what kind of car you are most interested in and consider what activities you are most likely to enjoy. You’ll find that this might be the most fun that you have had in ages, and it really all starts with choosing the right car!

 Types of rc cars 

There are many types of rc cars – nitro remote control cars, petrol remote control cars and electric remote control cars. Among these varieties there are also many variations like nitro cars are available in-built and out-built versions or the electric will be available in brushed and brushless. The electric remote control cars are easy to use and the newly designed brushless cars are as fast as the nitro cars. The most interesting is the nitro cars as compared to the electric ones as they are somewhat little complicated to use but if properly learned how to operate then, it will be great fun and the small engine gives it a virtual look of the model. The petrol cars run on petrol and oil available in the petrol pumps but are very big in size than the nitro cars and are the most expensive cars among all. A wide variety of models across the full variety and to meet your budget are available.

 Nitro remote control cars 

With the high demand there are high stocks of wide range of inbuilt nitro car stuffs for those who like building models and also using them. These self building its give hours of fun and the moment they are ready they are fun to be used. For the long time of use and fun you will be getting starting from first building to racing the kits are amazing value for the price you pay. If you are using nitro cars for the first time then to purchase a self build kit is the best method to learn about the hobby and know how they perform before going out and racing. Some of these are also sold to the schools as they provide some education and a good introductory to mechanism and engineering. The most vital thing is the instruction manual which is designed especially for smooth construction. The steps are shown clearly with CAD 3D graphics with each and every part labeled.

There are also remote control cars which are powered by proper racing motors when run with racing battery packs. These are extremely speed machines. They are of modular design with good quality changeable parts including virtual working differentials and independent suspension.

Like nitro cars, the petrol cars run with a mixture of unleaded petrol and 2 stroke engine oil which is easily available in any petrol station. This is more cheap and practical to use than a nitro car. You have to just fill unleaded petrol up to the first marker on the bottle an then pour 2 stroke oil up to the second marker.

Gas remote control cars are a hobby that is increasing in popularity, with the technology becoming more advanced, and an extensive range of choice. The industry has gone from a basic, rechargeable electric model to today’s monsters which are capable of speeds of up to 75 mph. As the hobby has gained momentum, the ages of its participants has changed drastically, from being just a child’s toy to what grown men do in their spare time.

 Gas Power RC Cars Are Powerful 

It should be noted that due to the speeds that some gas remote controlled cars can reach, it is not advisable to let anybody under the age of fifteen handle them unsupervised. As some enthusiasts spend their cars, they would not take kindly having a youngster causing untold damage ending season for them.


Best electric rc car for the money

As racing remote controlled cars becomes more popular, manufactures are being prompted by a higher demand for more speed, more customizing options and more specific types of parts for the radio controlled cars, of their customers. A very wide and varied selection is in place, catering for the increased client base that the popularity of this hobby is experiencing.

What’s the best electric rc car on the market?

Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler with Water Proof XL-5 RTR and 7 Cell Battery with Charger

This RC car Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler truck come with very new and advanced features that you cannot find in other RC cars. It is backed with Traxxas 7 cell battery id technology, which has 4 amps, 12 volt peak. The battery changes fast so that you do not need to worry about long charging hours. It also has a top speed up to 35 mph making it one of the fastest cars on the market. This is a great choice for everyone including those who are new to the rc cars.


  • Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor and XL-5 ESC provide speeds up to 35 mph; waterproof electronics for all-weather driving in water, mud and snow
  • Includes Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery with iD technology and 4 amp 12-volt DC peak-detecting fast charger for reliable charging
  • Revo-Spec Torque-Control slipper clutch, hardened steel gears in the differential, and aggressive rear tires put the power to the ground!
  • The TQ 2.4GHz radio system’s ergonomic design is comfortable for all-day driving and its internal antenna is impervious to damage
  • Stunning 6-color ProGraphix body and decal set with bold 2.8″ mirror-chrome All-Star wheels make the Rustler stand out in a crowd
  • Waterproof Electronics For All-Weather Driving Excitement In Water, Mud And Snow!
  • XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control Equipped with Traxxas’ High-Current Connector
  • Ready-To-Race® with Traxxas Power Cell 7-cell NiMH Battery! 35+mph Top Speed!
  • Titan® 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor
  • Number-1 Selling 1/10 Stadium Racer


How to make a rc car step by step

There is nothing like having a car of your dreams, but a dream is often all that it remains. So by owning a scale model remote controlled car, this could be your dream fulfilled and half the cost. Gas remote control cars cater for all tastes and budgets and just like normal cars they need cleaning and maintaining. The difference is that if your remote controlled car has a problem you just lift it up and work on it at your bench, much better than lying in the road trying to work under your family saloon.

Maybe you know all the parts of rc car but do not know how to make remote control car, go ahead, click the the link which is tell me how to build a car step by step.


More tips for remote control car

More tips for remote control car

Unfortunately, adults have been known to cause a fair amount of damage on the track so a certain amount of care must be taken. For instance, crashing into a tree or wall can be costly. It also ensures that your car is out of action for some time so when your monster is traveling at 70 mph, the utmost concentration is called for. After you choose a rc car, you can drive by yourself, or join a RC racing club at a nearby hobby shop. You can also race against a group of friends which will not only ad to the fun, but increase the competition.

If you’re a parent or grandparent, RC vehicles is a great way to spend some quality type time with them. In addition, there are also RC Trucks, SUVs, and dune buggies that you can go wild with too.
If you’re looking for speed and a straight track, think about getting a RC dragster, or high-speed race car. If you’re looking to tackel the dirt mountains in your local park, a buggy with high road clearance to handle the extreme off-road conditions of a rough and dusty terrain will be a good choice.

Remote controlled vehicles come in many sizes, styles, and designs to run on dirt, gravel, sidewalks, paved roads, carpets, and off the road in rough terrain. There are remote controlled cars that are modeled in line with real cars you see on the street, from Mini Coopers to Maserati. There’s also a wide variety of off the road models too.

The nitro engine uses an internal combustion and burns a particular type of fuel that you have to fill up the tank every time you want to go and drive. But, as soon as you’re gassed up, you’re ready to roll, and the speed is a great deal faster than the electric. How fast is fast? Some nitro models can reach up to 80 miles an hour. And with the increase speed, comes the need for increased skill.. You don’t want to be crashing something going that fast the day you bought it.

How to choose a rc car? The next thing to figure out is what size model vehicle you’d like to drive. The RC minis are quite small and are designed for indoor use.
After size, comes power. There are two different types of power for remote control cars. There’s the electric motor which runs on batteries and are easier to operate, but the charging time between drives can take a few hours.

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